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Server Maintenance Advisory - April 7, 2021

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     This is to inform everyone of our upcoming scheduled server maintenance that will commence on April 7, 2021 1:00am - 3:00 AM +8 GMT (this might extend for another 2 -4 hours if necessary but hopefully we'll finish it on time).

     We would also like to inform everyone that we are going to add a rewards system for War of Emperium which is similar with the ones we have for King of Emperium, the only difference would be the amount of badges/rewards and there will be MULTIPLIERS involved (just like what we have in Battlegrounds).

     Some fixes will also be applied so if you encounter a bug/error please do inform us by posting here https://forum.extreme-ro.net/forum/13-bug-tracker/.

     Suggestions are also welcome, if you have one just post it here https://forum.extreme-ro.net/forum/14-suggestions/.

     Thank you.

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