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DadYum's Medyo Leveling Guide.

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Woking Document


This is a non-comprehensive guide for players new to the server.


Ofcourse, you start off with a character of your choice. Play with it do something with it explore the map etc. and if you feel a bit overwhelmed, it is time to create your second account.


*(WTH, i am not 2 minutes into the game and you want me to create a new account? Stupid guide!) //you are to do this sometime soon anyway, then why not just start with it? Also, it would not take you more than 30 mins// (30 mins for a support character? what kind of quick guide is this?) //The one where I talk to myself//


Hear me out here, you create the new account to support your main account.


Since it is fairly easy to level up to 2nd job, it would be best to have a support account with a sage (endow). 


So, create that new account and create that first support character.


After making the novice just provide a decent enough sage name and get on with the game. (i know everybody has issues with picking a name)


So you created your Novice and you are now at the novice island, ignore this for now and type “@go 0” (remove “ “, save @go 0 in your shortcut keys “Alt+m”). This will automatically “Warp” you to the main town of the server. Before doing anything else, type “@autoloot 100” always (for now)


Save your location in the Kafra and you have the healer/buffer at the left and the warper at the right. Click on the healer/buffer to get that sweeeeeet freeeeee Agi-Bless buff and then click the “Warper NPC” at the right of Kafra. You can either pick Dungeon > Anthell > kill ant eggs (stationary and near warp keep look out for farmiliars) or Fields > Prontera Field 08 > try to hit everything except “Creamy” (coz nostalgia *shut up*). Killing a couple or so of monsters would raise your Job Level to 10. “Alt+S” to open skills menu, and click on Job skill till it gets to level 9 then click Apply at the bottom of the Skill Window.  Shortcut warp to “@go 0” and then once at Welgaia walk to the left to meet the “Job Master” then pick your Primary job which is the mage. 


*(You can’t tell me what to do!) //then why are you sill reading this”// (because you suck) //only boba//


Now that you are a mage, you can either go back to Anthell/Prontera field 08 to level up and then get firebolt to 10 and just pump int stat. Once firebolt is 10, Go straight to the “Warper NPC” and then Warp to Dungeon > Moscovia Dungeon > Moscovia 01. Fire bolt 10 the monster “Les” and you can probably take it down. Les are not aggressive when you target them with spells. High exp and VERY EASY to take down. Try NOT to “firebolt” wood goblins because usually at low levels you would need atleast two level 10 fire bolts to take it down (3 if you are unlucky). In this area, you can level up your character to Job 50 eaaaaasily. If you can, STAY AWAY from “Mantis” as it would kill you easily at early levels. You might want to max out “Soul Strike” next after firebolt to have that quick cast damage dealing skill. 


While you can level your character’s job to 50 at moscovia, at around job 46 to 50 it might feel a bit slower, you can probably kill Wood Goblins now with level 10 firebolt. If not, you have soul strike 10/firebolt 3 for the remaining health. At around job 40, If you want to level up quicker but with a lot more risk, you can go to Dungeon > Glast Heim > Prison 01. Kite all the Zombies Prisoner/s with Soul Strike. But stay away from Hunter Fly > Rybio > Injustice (according to movement speed). Bring lots of Fly Wings.


So you are now Job 50, congrats. Now place all remaining skills to places you think best, then Talk to the Job Changer NPC and pick SAGE! Get go back to the dungeon where you are most comfortable leveling at and then raise your job level till you can get all of the endow skills to 5. Congratulations, your first support character is finished. (to piss you off, you have a field manual and job manual and you should have used it, if not, then you should have been able to finish the support character at a much lesser time. 


OK… Now back to your main account.


Now, leveling your preferred character would entirely depend on you. Let me give some tips on characters easiest to max for classic 99/50 to transcend 99/69. (because that 69 to 70 is a hit and a miss at times so it is up to you on how to make it to job 70, figure it out for yourself lazy ass.)



This is part would be like a table. (easiest to hardest to max out)

JOB > Skill to max out first to last > where to max it > Remarks > Usual Stat


Merchant/Alchemist > Mammonite (dont worry mamonite costs 50z), Over Charge, Discount, Push Cart, Weight Capacity > Warp to Moscovia 01 and Mammonite Les once you it is maxed out. Eventually, try to Mammonite Wood Goblins(Alchemist//Get Axe mastery to 10 Mammonite Anubis till 99/50 sadly that is it for alchemist) > Get Fire Endow from sage > STR, AGI,DEX


Blacksmith > get all the buffs, finding ore > If you have a decent axe like a bloody axe +5, you can Mammonite or Cart Revo “Anubis” (Dungeon > Sphinx > Sphinx 04) when they are solo. Try not to fight more than one Anubis at a time.  STR > AGI/DEX


Whitesmith> Get all the buff and Cart Terminate> hire a cart @go 0 “Universal Rental NPC” (left of kafra. Max out cart weight with items like redpotions (can be purchased from “tool dealer NPC” right of kafra) make sure Cart Boost buff is applied always because you cant use Cart Terminate without the buff. Cart Terminate “Anubis” have your sage endow you with fire element. And only focus on Anubis. You might not hit minorous and pasana in this area while endowed with fire. (you can have a priest to endow holy element but I skipped that) > STR, AGI,DEX


Swordman > Bash 10, Magnum Break 3, Depends on your preferred sword 10, then bla bla on other skills, > same with merchant only skill changed.


Knight >  Bowling Bash 10, bla bal on other skills > same with black smith on leveling spots


Nerd Knight > Bowling Bash 10, get all the buffs, bla bla on the other skills > same with knight


Once you get your first 99/70,

Congratulations, your are not officially considered in the early game of your Extreme Ragnarok Journey. 


(What about the other friggin jobs?) //I said easiest to level to hardest// everything else is harder to level so you figure it out.// (damn this guide.) //ok ok i will make a coupe more example but none of those punch the wall damn this character so hard to level up types ok?


Merch… Swordman…


JOB > Skill to max out first to last > where to max it > Remarks > Usual Stat


Archer > Double Strafe , Attention Concentrate > Les (purchase and equip  fire arrows (10 pcs should be enough it does not deplete). You must have picked and sold every item like i said earlier in the guide, right? RIIIIIGHT????). If so, purchase gakkung/arbalest at payon once you can equip it and then just double strafe LES and if you can, wood goblins > you can change arrows to holy types and pick off Zombie Prisoners (see sage). > DEX, AGI


Hunter > Nothing really  DS is the bread and butter > level up to around 80 at Moscovia 01 and then Use holy arrows and then try Anubis. DS that monster back to a sarcophagus till 99/69 > Flywings and White pots are your friends


Sniper > Get all the damage buffs > same with hunter




JOB > Skill to max out first to last > where to max it > Remarks > Usual Stat


*Do this on your Support Account* *you can do this right after the sage just to get the Assumptio skill*


Acolyte > Heal 10, Agi/bless 10, Pneuma 1, > Heal bomb undead monsters in Dungeon > Payon Dungeon > Payon Dungeon 01 and Payon Dungeton 02 (once you are comfortable with heal damage) Then, once really comfortable with the damage, heal bomb Zombie Prisoners till job 50 > kinda hard first job to level solo > Int, Dex


Priest > Max Turn Undead immediately, Gloria, Kyrie Eleison,  > Open with Agi/bless on yourself and gloria for that additional luck. just focus using Turn Undead on Anubis and carry flywings, if TU fails just flywing away. > Int, Dex, Luc, Agi, Vit


High Priest (it is the incense that made them high) > Max Turn Undead immediately, Gloria, Aspesio. > same with priest


//More? But that is it, everything else is sorta hard//


Coming up:

Sage auto spell anubis

Prof same with sage but with double cast more awesome use Concentration pots dont put dex it will not help the auto cast

BB Rogue(slightly harder than Knight)

TU Stalker(easier than prof)

Biochemist (coz acid demo is harder to get early game if you dont play BG or if you dont have hourly coins) (you can acid demo Frost Titans (easier than Anubis)

Crusader/Paladin (holy cross is so-so)

Clown/Ministrel (Triple Strafe not that spamable)

Gypsy/Dancer (DS)

Magician/Wiz/Monk/Champ = I used sight/sight thrasher combo in moscovia 01 till level 86. I dont know how to level it solo after that because i leeched myself//my brother leeched me with a whitesmith//champ when the Wiz//Champ hit level 86.

Assassin/Sinx: Sonic Blow Anubis to death? good luck. I personally have not tried it I used an instant level coz it is torture to level it up solo.

Taekwon Soullinker: dont know i stopped leveling when I can soul link some characters

Gunslinger: dunno i think I deleted this class the most in my account

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do i reaaaaaaly need to say it?
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