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Admin Diary [February 6, 2021]: Some things to look forward to..

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Hey, its a new month and a new season once again with extremeRO, and we're further optimizing and adding new things for players to look forward to in the next coming weeks! Here are some previews on things we plan to add in the next coming weeks:

Instances with Raid Points
We've been working on the instances for a few weeks now, and we've been having problems as to how it will award raid points and items once you finish it. We're closing in on it, and we're happy to announce that we'll be installing two new instances soon, with new instances to follow. The first two will be:

a. Infinity Space
b. Wolchev's Laboratory

My phase 2 instances to add is probably:
c. Trail of Turtle
d. T-disease Hive

Bet Match Manager

The party match manager is interesting, but not a lot of people use it. We'll be transforming it into a bet match manager in which you can bet your badges (as the party leader) against your opponent to see who is the best of the best between your parties.

ELO Rankings Rewards

As you see in our website, we're slowly optimizing the ELO rankings in the server. Once it's fully optimized, we'll release a guide and reset it to reset ranks as we want to rewards those who are able to reach bronze, silver and gold (name tentative). Your ELO rankings will depend on your Kills / Deaths AND your wins or loss AS A TEAM. So it means that if your teammate is dying a lot, your ELO will suffer. So you really have to do a team based BG. Indicators for your rankings will be decided soon (maybe titles? auras? we'll see the extent of how we can do it). We're also figuring out a way on how to see your ELO rankings ingame rather than website.


Guild MvP Rankings and Casual Guild Rankings

Why do we always have to focus on PvP? We want to award MvP Guilds to and want to increase MvPing capcities of guilds! Together with the PvP guild of the season, we will also have MvP guilds of the season and CASUAL guilds of the season (TBD how we'll rank them). MvPs will have different scores so its either you hunt the big ones OR you do quantity over quality and hunt all the small ones. Up to you!


That's it for now, i'll update you more in the coming days!

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