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King of Emperium FAQs

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The King of Emperium is a 45 minute mini-WoE with the Emperium in the middle of the map.

There are 5 arenas in the server, 

Geffen Arena - Home of doppelganger
Valkyrie Arena - Valk roams this ground..
Payon Arena - Eddgas and his bear buddies are here
Freyja Arena - Owl Baron and Owl Duke are here to guard your emp!
Rachel Arena - Atroce will be helping you out in this arena!

As you can see here:



The King of Emperium will be a bit different from other KoEs you've experienced. Once the emperium has been broken, barricades will be put up and a support mob will accompany you. You will also have a separate spawn point as a defender rather than as an attacker. Attackers can choose from left, right, up or down and will be working towards breaking the barricades and the emp!

What do I gain by participating?

For every 1 minute participating in the KoE, you will get a KoE point. KoE points will be exchangeable at the KoE Points Shop at the upper right side of Welgaia. We'll be adding more and more things there so just accumulate your points!

What are the prizes?

I'm sure you're curious about this. So here we go:

If you participated at least 10 minutes in the KoE, you will be eligible for rewards regardless if you lost or not.

On Loss:

The losing participants will obtain a KoE Box 13757  and 50 Badges 7828 which will give you a chance of obtaining the following items:


Longest Defender

The longest defender will give642010extreme coins  and 100badges 7828 to each member 

Emperium Holder at end of KoE

The guild who holds the emp at the end of KoE will receive 642010extreme coins  and 100badges 7828for each member

Special Prize: If you are both the LONGEST DEFENDER and EMPERIUM HOLDER

Special Prize: Longest Defender + Emperium Holder

If your guild is both the longest defender AND the emperium holder, your guild will gain  642030 extreme coins and  250 badges 7828for each member.

As expected, AFKing, Macro use to AFK and excessive chat spam are NOT ALLOWED and will be acted on accordingly, and one reward for one PC only will be enabled for this event.

Please do ask away if you have any more questions!

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