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Crazy Boris Contents

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Crazy Boris at Novice Island have some exciting prizes for you! For a small amount of 100,000 Zeny, you have a chance to get..

  • spacer.png 1x Novice Coin
  • spacer.png 5x Novice Coin
  • spacer.png 1x Field Manual
  • spacer.png 50x White Potion
  • spacer.png1x Jumping Poring
  • spacer.png 1x Rasta Wig
  • spacer.png1x Poster Girl
  • spacer.png 1x Wanderer's Sakkat
  • spacer.png1x Jellopy
  • spacer.png 1x Costume Singing Bird
  • spacer.png +50,000z and cashback!
  • spacer.png +100,000z and cashback!


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