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  1. Then please accept one of my characters to join that guild. Give me 2 days to set up. See you soon bro!
  2. That might not be a bad idea TBH. Count me in. CommanderForever


  4. Welcome. Post your IGN so that we can help you out. I am online usually around 8 to 11 pm. Either at Welgaia (@go 0) left side playing BG as Quacksalver or hunting stuff with main warp @ izlude.
  5. Woking Document This is a non-comprehensive guide for players new to the server. Ofcourse, you start off with a character of your choice. Play with it do something with it explore the map etc. and if you feel a bit overwhelmed, it is time to create your second account. *(WTH, i am not 2 minutes into the game and you want me to create a new account? Stupid guide!) //you are to do this sometime soon anyway, then why not just start with it? Also, it would not take you more than 30 mins// (30 mins for a support character? what kind of quick guide is this?) //The
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