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  1. is it too late to join? lol. this completely slipped my mind
  2. IGN : Suzaku https://imgur.com/a/yKOkevC
  3. IGN : Suzaku As someone who was never into the competitive side of RO before this server, I have 2 tied: 1. Winning the 1st 7v7 despite the lag. 2. Taking and defending the SE castle from RI last weekend since it marked the week-to-week improvement of our WoE newbies, including me.
  4. yeah it's sad that actually learning right now will not be the best idea as i'm not comfortable with sharing space with a stranger which in this case would be the driving instructor. should have learnt last year really. and yeah that's the plan though admittedly i hope that will be a long ways away and my father will be healthy for a long time. just wish to lessen the burden on him.
  5. My new years resolutions are: 1. just a healthier lifestyle overall. eat well, sleep well, and exercise from time to time. no to junk food, hopefully. 2. learn to drive. i have a car but i can't drive so i can't take it out without a driver. that needs to be fixed after the pandemic has passed hopefully. 3. be a harder worker. i've learnt to coast at work primarily because we own it. that's bad because i should probably set the example to other employees as one of the owners' family and also because how the business does affects us directly. will need to change things and
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