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  1. Hello, I am officially leaving the team due to time constraints and personal issues. Thank you. Will miss everyone I know here, and hope to see you someday again. I trust our current admin and GM team will take good care of the server. Have fun playing everyone!
  2. Good morning everyone, I've been a bit busy lately, and I just want to say thanks for people who understand my work hours (8am-5pm GMT+8 only) and message me with due respect whenever i'm not on. After this week, I've had a lot of personal changes in my life and I've had to reprioritize some of the things in my life. With these changes, i'm downgrading myself from administrative status to support status, hence you'll see me less online ingame yet im sill available via discord and facebook page at 8am - 5pm GMT+8 weekdays ONLY. I will not be replying to queries that go beyond that tim
  3. Congratulations to: and For being our February Top Rankers. Good luck in March!
  4. Congratulations to Foreplay! Will message you regarding your reward this week!
  5. Havoc


    • Rental Badge Price Reduced to 75 • WoE installed back (see Website for details) – including Baby WoE and Classic WoE (beta) • Installed Global News NPC in all Towns • Installed Guild Hall – Will start providing for ACTIVE guilds. Please pm Havoc at Discord @guildhall [BETA] • Basic Weapons Shop Added in Welgaia (Centralized NPC Weapons Shop) • Battlegrounds Potions now work in PvP rooms • Replaced new 7v7 champion Statues at Hall of Heroes • Fixed some MvPs not being detected in Guild MvP Ranker • Added Shiny Majestic Goat Costumes at the Donate Sho
  6. + A Flag at the Hall of Heroes for the MvP Guild of the week! Happy Hunting!
  7. Congrats to BeeYacht for being our top MvP guild for the week! See you on our Season 2 Points Ranking!
  8. Please be advised of a scheduled maintenance tomorrow - February 22, 2021 (Monday) 2pm - 5pm GMT+8 Some highlights we plan to push out: Cheaper Rental Gears (discussion) Global News NPC (vs. forums / discord fb) Some sprite and NPC fixes Installation of WoE This is estimated to last a minimum of 1 hour to a maximum of 3 hours. Thanks!
  9. The schedule will commence on February 22, 2021 *Advisory, no scoring yet at this time. Announcement of Extreme Wars Season 2 scoring will be soon. Thanks!
  10. To promote our new instances, we have a promo for them! Infinite Space: Party with the farthest level on Infinite Space OR first to finish the instance (PLEASE PROVIDE A SCREENSHOT either at the forums, fb page or FB groups) will receive 3 MvP Boxes Wolchev's Laboratory: First party to POST A SCREENSHOT (either at the forums, fb page or FB groups) of them finishing Wolchev's will also receive 3 MvP boxes for the whole party Please also drop down below the IGNs of your members. Goodluck and happy PvMing!
  11. And yes we have nominees already in the fb page / groups XD
  12. I posted this yesterday and will wait until tomorrow morning. But yes this is just a casual and spur of the moment event, no need to make it super OC.
  13. haha no players only XD
  14. How to register: 1. Register with party name and list of members (IGN) under this post 2. Be sure to be logged in at least 30 minutes before event time to confirm attendance Mechanics: 1. This will be a BO5 Single Elimination Match with BO7 Finals Matchup, Brackets will be posted at http://challonge.com 2. Trashtalk before, during and after matchup will result to an automatic disqualification, GMs reserve the right to DQ anyone on whatever they deem necessary 3. Failure to show up after calling the party name with 3 minutes - leeway will result to an automatic DQ 4.
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