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    • How to register: 1. Register with your IGN name under this post 2. Be sure to be logged in at least 30 minutes before event time to confirm attendance   Mechanics: 1. It's very simple. it's a Fortnite Blacksmith/Whitesmith Battle Royale. Last Man Standing. 2. There will be 2 rounds. 3. There will only be 1 winner each round. 3. Trashtalk before, during and after matchup will result to an automatic disqualification, GMs reserve the right to DQ anyone on whatever they deem necessary 4. Failure to show up after being called with 3 minutes - leeway will result to an automatic DQ 5. Unruly behavior or unfavorable behavior as deemed by the GM team will also result to automatic DQ Rules: 1.  unfrozen / evil druid armor disabled. 2. Only Blacksmith/Whitesmith allowed. 3. All consumables allowed (Excluding BG). 4. Hide allowed / Cloaking disabled. 5. Autodispell on entry, no outside buffs 6. No pets 7. MvP and Mini Boss Cards, Ygg Seeds and Berries are disabled 8. DO NOT use same guild during this event. either join guildless or use different guilds. Failure to follow the rules will result to an automatic disqualification. Prize: Champion: Choice of: Costume Archangel Wings or Costume Little Devil Wings. Participation Reward: 100 Badges Do message at http://extreme-ro.net/discord if you have any questions!
    • Thanks everyone for joining this event! The winners of this Battle Royale Event are Sukehiro and Mahusay. Congrats to the both of them!
    • I believe the server follows the official iRO script for items and by looking at RMS you'll see that Tendrilion Hat doesn't have any effects so it might just be a wrong item description in-game.
    • Hello Admins, The Tendrilion Hat which I got from Gacha does not have the Earth spike skill when worn as mentioned from its description.   Can you please fix. Thanks in advance.
    • The Red Magestic Cape is not have similar effect/style as the Brown Magestic Cape when your character is on sitting(/sit) position. Check as shown below. You will clearly see the difference:                                                                    Kindly fix. Thanks in advance.
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